Active Planning Projects

Land use entitlement applications undergo various referrals for compliance with local and state public hearing requirements and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) circulation and noticing requirements. The various types of referrals include:

  • Early Consultation - A two-week referral typically occurring within 30-days of project submittal.
  • CEQA Exempt - A two-week referral occurring for projects determined by staff to be exempt under CEQA. This referral may be used in lieu of an Early Consultation referral and may include a public hearing notice.
  • Initial Study - A 30-day referral required for circulation of an Initial Study prepared in compliance with CEQA. This referral may include a public hearing notice serving as a Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration of Negative Declaration in compliance with CEQA.
  • Notice of Preparation - A 30-day referral required when an Environmental Impact Report in compliance with CEQA will be prepared.
  • Draft EIR - A 45-day referral required for circulation of an Environmental Impact Report prepared in compliance with CEQA.
  • Final EIR - A 10-day referral providing a notice of public hearing to consider certification of an Environmental Impact Report.

Additional types of referrals, along with links to project specific information, may also be posted below. A description of the referral type and/or information is provided with each link.

Application Number Project Name Document
PLN2018-0045 Reeves Sand and Gravel Early Consultation
PLN2018-0090 Honchariw - Frymire Road Early Consultation
PLN2018-0102 Avila and Sons Packing House Project Early Consultation
PLN2019-0075 Masroc Farms Early Consultation
PLN2019-0120 GAWFCO Enterprises, INC. Early Consultation
PLN2019-0132 La Favorita Radio Station Early Consultation
PLN2020-0057 The Fruit Yard Early Consultation
BOS Report Part1
BOS Report Part2
2020 Noise Impact Report
PLN2020-0065 Cal Coast Commodities Early Consultation
PLN2020-0069 Rivers Edge Campground Early Consultation
PLN2020-0070 Rivers Edge Restaurant Early Consultation
PLN2020-0077 Coit and Hewes, LLC Early Consultation
PLN2020-0080 **RE-REFERRAL** Phillips - Lancaster Road Early Consultation
PLN2020-0081 Ahlem Farms Jerseys Early Consultation
PLN2020-0092 Santos Riding Arena Early Consultation
PLN2020-0117 Hydaspes Solar Facility - W. Hwy 5 Early Consultation
PLN2020-0123 132 Investments - Maze Blvd Early Consultation
PLN2021-0012 West Main Compost Early Consultation
PLN2021-0013 **RE-REFERRAL** CSC Manufacturing Early Consultation
PLN2021-0021 Thornton - River Road Early Consultation
PLN2021-0029 Oasis Cardroom Early Consultation
PLN2021-0030 Silva's Holsteins Dairy Early Consultation
PLN2021-0033 John Brasil Dairy Early Consultation
PLN2021-0040 Lazares Companies Early Consultation
PLN2021-0043 Paulsell Solar Energy Center Early Consultation
PLN2021-0053 Schlegel Early Consultation
PLN2021-0056 N&C Silveira Dairy - Hultberg Road Early Consultation
PLN2021-0066 O'Roark Early Consultation
PLN2021-0068 Wood Colony Christian School Early Consultation
PLN2021-0070 Velociter Wireless, Inc. - Pioneer Avenue Early Consultation
PLN2021-0071 Velociter Wireless, Inc. - Rodden Road Early Consultation
PLN2021-0073 A & R Mortuary Services Early Consultation
PLN2021-0078 Sanghera Investments, Inc. Early Consultation
PLN2021-0079 Best RV Center Early Consultation
PLN2021-0080 Boomers Modesto Early Consultation
PLN2021-0086 Onkar Builders, Inc. Early Consultation
PLN2021-0087 Jordao Dairy - Central Avenue Early Consultation
PLN2021-0091 Kline Early Consultation
PLN2021-0101 Hoffman Ranch Subdivision Early Consultation
PLN2021-0104 Kooistra Dairy, Hultberg Road Early Consultation
PLN2021-0108 James Bates RV & Boat Storage Early Consultation
PLN2021-0112 Top Shelf Mega Storage Early Consultation
PLN2021-0122 West Simmons Truck Parking Early Consultation
Application Number Project Name Document
PLN2018-0069 Hindu Temple Initial Study
PLN2019-0079 Cal Sierra Financial, Inc. Initial Study
PLN2020-0010 Stanco Family Farms Initial Study
PLN2020-0077 Coit and Hewes, LLC Initial Study
PLN2020-0080 Phillips - Lancaster Road Initial Study
PLN2021-0066 O'Roark Initial Study
PLN2021-0068 Wood Colony Christian School Initial Study
PLN2021-0070 Velociter Wireless, Inc - Pioneer Avenue Initial Study
PLN2021-0071 Velociter Wireless, Inc - Rodden Road Initial Study
PLN2021-0080 Boomers Modesto Initial Study
Application Number Project Name Document
PLN2012-0017 Dan Avila and Sons Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
PLN2012-0017 Dan Avila and Sons Notice of Determination
PLN2018-0102 Dan Avila and Sons An Addendum to the 2016 Certified EIR
PLN2018-0102 Dan Avila and Sons Revised Addendum to the 2016 Certified EIR