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Access to County Services

Stanislaus County is committed to on-going efforts to provide access to public services to all residents of Stanislaus County. Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits all state and local governmental agencies from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities in the operation of all services and programs. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act prohibits all state and local governmental agencies from discriminating against a person on the basis of race, color, and national origin.

To ensure that individuals can participate in and benefit from the public services offered by the County, the Board of Supervisors established a County ADA Title II and Civil Rights Title VI Coordinator. That position is located within the Clerk of the Board of Supervisor's Office and has oversight over the implementation of programs to support compliance with ADA II and Civil Rights VI. In addition, a ADA/Civil Rights Liaison has been designated for each County department and agency.

If you have any questions about the ADA Title II and Civil Rights Title VI programs, you can contact Christine Ferraro Tallman, ADA Title II and Civil Rights Title VI Coordinator, at 209-525-4494 or christine.ferraro@stancounty.com.

To report a complaint, concern, or recommendation regarding public access to any County programs, services or activities, contact the ADA/Civil Rights Liaison for the County Department or Agency listed below.

You may also submit a complaint, concern, or recommendation using our electronic government outreach Customer Center at http://user.govoutreach.com/stanislaus/.

ADA Title II/Civil Rights Title VI Department Liaisons

Department Name Phone Email
Aging & Veteran's Services Linda Lowe 558-7380 LOWEL@stancounty.com
Agricultural Commissioner Susan Azevedo 525-4730 susana@stancounty.com
Alliance WorkNet Steve Hopkins 558-2100 HopkinsS@stanalliance.com
Animal Services Francine Gutierrez 558-7387 GUTIERREZF@stancounty.com
Assessor Dana Goddard 525-6461 goddrdd@stancounty.com
Auditor-Controller Jan Ingold 525-6398 ingoldj@stancounty.com
Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Cherie Dockery 525-6225 cdockery@stanbhrs.org
Board of Supervisors Christine Ferraro Tallman 525-4494 ferrroc@stancounty.com
Chief Executive Office Barbara Barker 525-6333 barkerb@stancounty.com
Child Support Services JoAnn Sarhad 558-1406 JSarhad@stancodcss.org
Children & Families Commission Stepanie Loomis 558-6218 loomiss@stancounty.com
Clerk-Recorder / Registrar of Voter Jeremy Howell 525-5211 HOWELLJ@stancounty.com
Community Services Agency Bill Ryan 558-2500 ryanw@stancounty.com
County Counsel Alice Mimms 525-6376 MIMMSA@stancounty.com
District Attorney Sara Haub 525-5550 SARA.HAUB@standa.org
Environmental Resources/ Parks & Recreation Lillie Farriester 525-6700 lfarriester@envres.org
General Services Agency Donna Riley 525-7602 rileyd@stancounty.com
Health Services Agency Susan Herzog 558-7000 sherzog@schsa.org
Library Lindsey Pimentel 558-7800 lpimentel@scfl.lib.ca.us
Office of Emergency Services Melba Hibbard 552-3600 MHibbard@stanoes.com
Planning & Community Development Juan Gonzalez 525-6330 gonzalezj@stancounty.com
Probation Delilah Vasquez 567-4120 vasquezd@stancounty.com
Public Defender Sandip (Sonny) Sandhu 525-4200 SANDHUS@stancounty.com
Public Works Keimi Espinoza 525-4130 kespnza@stancounty.com
Risk Management Peggy Huntsinger 525-5710 HNTSNGP@stancounty.com
Sheriff Jennifer Valencia 525-7216 valenciaj@stanislaussheriff.com
Stanislaus Regional 911 Alan McFadon 552-3900 MCFDDNA@stancounty.com
Strategic Business Technology Mike Baliel 525-4357 balielm@stancounty.com
Treasurer-Tax Collector Angie Valdez 525-6388 VALDEZA@stancounty.com
UC Cooperative Extension Veronica Torres 525-6800 VERONICAT@stancounty.com
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