About Us

Mission Statement

Providing public safety through accountability and opportunity

Led by Chief Probation Officer Mark Ferriera, the Stanislaus County Probation Department is a forward-thinking department that aims to offer high-level, evidence-based rehabilitative services and supervision. Adult offenders, youth on probation, and detained youth are given opportunities, through a host of programs and services, to truly change their lives and become productive members of society. At the same time, individuals under the Probation Department’s jurisdiction are held accountable for their choices and actions. The accountability and opportunities that we provide individuals are not mutually exclusive and can co-exist.

The department presently consists of three major divisions, who drive the department’s mission. The three divisions are as follows: Field Services, Institutional Services, and Administrative Services. The Institutions Division has two Juvenile Facilities: Juvenile Hall and the Juvenile Commitment Facility. The Field Services Division is comprised of Alternatives-to-Custody Programs, Clerical Support, Juvenile and Adult Field Supervision Units, Data Research, the Day Reporting Center, Pretrial Services, and officers assigned to the Juvenile and Adult Superior Courts. The department’s Administrative Services Division consists of Human Resources, Information and Technology, Accounting, Fiscal, and the department’s administrative team.

Vision Statement

Creating a culture of trust and having a positive impact to build a safer Stanislaus County

The Stanislaus County Probation Department believes in establishing trust with our community, victims, and clients to enhance public safety. Department policies and procedures are available for public viewing on our website and our department was one of the first Probation Departments in the State of California to implement a body-worn camera program for all staff assigned to field supervision assignments. The Body Worn Camera program will improve evidentiary outcomes, enhance the safety of our officers, increase transparency, and improve interactions with the public.

We also strongly believe in determining and pursuing victim restitution and maintaining contact with victims of violence to ensure protective and stay away orders are adhered to. Lastly, we believe our relationship with clients is exceptionally important to their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. Probation Corrections Officers and Deputy Probation Officers regularly deliver rehabilitative programs and services to youth and adult offenders and a positive relationship and impact is integral to reducing recidivism and building a safer community.


Each point of our badge represents the following value:

  • Professionalism
  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency

The Stanislaus County Probation Department has a lengthy history of professionalism and competence. All staff are well-trained and are expected to deliver services with professional integrity, regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, criminal history, or the background of the client. All individuals, including victims, members of the public, and clients will be treated with dignity and respect. We also believe in innovation, which can often be best achieved through our collaborations with local stakeholders, law enforcement partners, community-based organizations and our Superior Courts. We also have compassion for victims and for those who come from abusive, violent, and difficult backgrounds. Lastly, we strive for transparency and want a trusting relationship with our community.