Stanislaus County’s Clerk of the Board staff is committed to accurate record keeping, courteous service and pride in the performance of duties.

Clerk of the Board Responsibilities:

  • Clerk all Board of Supervisors meetings and record legislative actions.
  • Maintain records and indexes dating back to 1854.
  • Prepare the Board of Supervisors meeting agendas.
  • Provide a variety of administrative services for the Board of Supervisors.
  • Maintain records and record actions of the Assessment Appeals Board.
  • Maintain the official records of more than 104 Boards and Commissions, and Committees and Special Districts.
  • Maintain the Stanislaus County Code.
  • Maintain over 80 Conflict of Interest Codes and serve as Filing Official for Statements of Economic Interests.
  • Conduct bid openings for County Capital Building and Road Projects.
  • Receive and process all claims against the County.

To help her efficiently and effectively perform her duties, the Clerk of the Board is assisted by one Assistant Clerk of the Board and three Deputy Clerks. The staff of the Clerk of the Board's Office looks forward to meeting your needs.