Stanislaus County Building Permit Services and SolarAPP+ provide instant PV Solar Plan review for Residential Rooftop systems and Energy Storage Systems.

Stanislaus County has partnered with SolarAPP+ to provide contractors with a permitting option that allows them to get an expedited plan review for residential roof top solar photovoltaic and energy storage systems. The SolarAPP+ system is an automated web-based design review system that checks to ensure proposed systems comply with current California building, electrical, and fire codes.

What Projects do not qualify for SolarAPP+

  • Proposed PV solar systems installed on an unpermitted building
  • Energy storage system projects that do not include a new PV solar system
  • Ground mount PV solar systems
  • PV solar systems where an existing PV solar system is installed
  • PV solar systems installed on a structure in a flood plain
  • Homeowner/Builder installed PV solar systems
  • Projects with electrical services larger than 400A
  • Parcels with active code enforcement violation cases
  • Electrical systems that have been altered without permits

How do I use SolarAPP+?

What do I do after my permit is issued?

  • Once the permit is issued you can complete the installation.
  • When the installation is complete and you are ready for inspection you will need to request an inspection by calling (209)525-7550 or use the Citizen Access Portal to schedule your inspection.

What documents do I need for the inspection?

  • Print out a hard copy of the submitted SolarAPP+ Approval Document and it will serve as an inspection checklist.

How do I make changes to approved projects after permit issuance?

  • Projects can be revised as many times as the contractor wishes prior to installation. After revisions are complete and the project is submitted, SolarAPP+ will then run another compliance check. If your updated system design is code compliant, the system will reissue your revised Approval Document and Inspection Checklist.
  • After the revised Approval Document is issued you will be required to use the County’s Citizen Access Portal to resubmit the revised Approval Document.
  • SolarAPP+ does not charge additional fees for the first three revisions (Documents B, C, D), while each subsequent revisions require a $25 project fee to SolarAPP+. If a revision requires payment of an additional fee, the Approval Document is not issued until the fee is paid.

To Summarize the use of the SolarAPP+:


  • Permitted Residential structures or accessory structures
  • No ballasted racking systems
  • Licensed contractors only

Submittal to SolarAPP+

  • Login/register with SolarAPP+ to get started
  • Contractor license information is required
  • Pay $25 processing fee to SolarAPP+

Submit/Apply for County Building Permit

  • Create an account or login Citizen Access Portal
  • Click on County Building
  • Click on Create an Application
  • Approve the terms of Disclaimer
  • Select “Solar Permit with Solar APP +” as the record type
  • Provide the Description of work and complete all the custom fields specific to the PV system
  • Attach the approved SolarAPP+ documents
  • Once submitted you will be contacted about paying building permit fees.

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