Important message from the Auditor-Controller to vendors.

You or your staff may have received a message claiming to come from Stanislaus County as a part of a "phishing" scam. The emails that we have seen over the past couple days come from an email address at "". Please read the letter below for more information.

Letter From the Auditor Controller

A Message from the Auditor-Controller

Kashmir Gill
Auditor Controller

Financial information about Stanislaus County is available in our Financial Reports section. Included in the "Reports" section are the Annual Audited Financial Statements and the Single Audit Report. The Annual Financial Report is published in December of each year and covers the prior fiscal year July 1 - June 30.

Functional units have developed along broad areas of customer need, within the framework of established legal requirements. As new needs and opportunities arise, we are able to adjust to deliver the most efficient level of services possible to our customers.

The individual Auditor-Controller Divisions pages give a description, along with contact information, for each of the functional units and services provided by the Auditor-Controller’s Office.

Auditor-Controller's Office Divisions:

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