Dangerous Building or Non-Permitted Activity Complaints

How to report a dangerous building or non-permitted activity?

Reportss of a dangerous building or non-permitted activity may be reported on-line through the County's Citizen Complaint system.

What Type of Dangerous Buildings does the Planning Department Investigate?

A dangerous building is a structure which has been determined to have lost 75% or more of its value due to neglect and/or fire damage and is no longer fit for human inhabitation, cannot be remodeled and, as a result, poses a distinct health and safety threat to the surrounding community.

The first step of the Abatement of Dangerous Building (ADB) program is to evaluate the structure and locate the owner(s) of an effected property and successfully work with the owner to bring resolution to the dangerous building. When the owner is unwilling to take corrective action or cannot be located, demolition and removal of the dangerous building is undertaken as a last resort through a due process set forth in the Stanislaus County Code.

All ADB program abatements are subject to the property being declared a Nuisance by both the Nuisance Abatement Board and the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors before any demolition and removal of a dangerous building is undertaken.

All costs associated with the remediation of dangerous buildings within Stanislaus County are to be reimbursed through the use of an abatement lien or paid for by the responsible parties that have legal ownership of said parcel.

What types of Non-Permitted Activities May be Reported?

The Citizen Complaint System may be used to report non-permitted building activity and/or non-permitted use of land. Non-permitted building activities are investigated by the Planning Department. Non-permitted land use is investigated by the Department of Environmental Resources – Code Enforcement