Applying for a Building Permit

When is a Permit Required?

A permit is required for all new construction, additions, alterations, upgrades, rebuilding or remodeling of existing structures. The following minimum drawings are usually required for approval:
Site Plan Floor Plan
Foundation Plan Roof Framing Plan
Floor Framing Plan Truss Calculations
Exterior Elevations Cross Sections
Structural Calculations Energy Calculations


Contact building for the for verification of documents required for specific projects. Please note the State of California only allows the owner of a property or a licensed contractor to obtain a building permit.

What are the steps in a applying for a building permit?

** If your permit qualifies for the online permitting process you may apply here.

  1. The Application:
  2. Complete The Application:
    • Complete the permit application.

    • Prepare the required documents for your project. A check list has been provided on the second page of the permit application for your reference. Most new construction projects require three sets of plans and two sets of calculations i.e. truss, structural and Energy or Title 24. A registered Architect or Engineer may be required to design, stamp and wet sign the construction plans.

      *** Not all projects will require all items on this checklist. Please contact the building department for a specific list of items for your project.

    • Submittal of application and plans:

  3. Submit The Completed Application And Plans To The Building Department:
    • The staff will perform a preliminary review of the application, plans and additional documents to determine their completeness. If it has been determined that the plans contain enough information for departments to perform a review the staff will then accept the plans and create an application case for tracking purposes. This application case will also be the permit number. This number will remain with the project throughout the review and construction process. During this process the staff will also determine what departments will need to review the project plans.

      **All departmental review fees must be paid upon submission of the application and construction documents. These are payable via cash or check.

  4. Plan Review:
    • Once the initial submittal has been accepted, the construction plans and supporting documents will reviewed by the assigned departments. Some departments may be able to perform their review at the front counter with the applicant. The applicant will be notified if the application, plans or documents are found to be incomplete, have discrepancies, or require corrections.

  5. Final Approval:
    • After all the assigned departments have approved the plans the staff will notify the owner, contractor and/or the applicant. This notification will include any remaining fees due, additional documents required and a requested pick up date. 6. Issuance Of Building Permit: a. The owner, contactor or authorized agent will need to come into our office to obtain the permit and plans. Once the requested fees and documents have been submitted the permit is issued. One set of plans and calculations will be returned as a "Job Set" of plans. One set of plans and calculations will be retained by the building department and one set of plans will be provided to the Tax Assessor's Office.
For more information contact the Planning and Community Department