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1010 10th Street
Suite 2500
Modesto, CA 95354
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Phone: (209) 525-6388

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm
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Treasury Division

Mission Statement

The County Treasurer is to receive and keep safely all money belonging to the County and all money directed by law to be paid to him and apply and pay it out, rendering account as required by law, pursuant to Government Code 2700. The Treasurer has been delegated the authority to invest idle funds in the Treasury Pool, which includes County, School and Special District funds in a prudent manner, maintaining safety and liquidity while earning a market rate of interest.


The County Treasury supports schools, County departments and special districts in their banking and short-term investment needs.

The Treasurer's Investment Policy is presented to the Board of Supervisors annually. A summary of the Monthly Investment Reports are available below:

Monthly Investment Reports

June 2017
Investment Report
May 2017
Investment Report
April 2017
Investment Report
March 2017
Investment Report
February 2017
Investment Report
January 2017
Investment Report
December 2016
Investment Report
November 2016
Investment Report
October 2016
Investment Report
September 2016
Investment Report
August 2016
Investment Report
July 2016
Investment Report
June 2016
Investment Report
May 2016
Investment Report
April 2016
Investment Report
March 2016
Investment Report
February 2016
Investment Report
January 2016
Investment Report
December 2015
Investment Report
November 2015
Investment Report
October 2015
Investment Report
September 2015
Investment Report
August 2015
Investment Report
July 2015
Investment Report

Absent Heirs / Returned Items

The County Treasury interacts with the public in only two areas: Maintaining records of Absent Heirs and processing Returned Items.

Absent Heirs

Each year, residents of Stanislaus County die leaving heirs that can not be located. After 1 year, Stanislaus County must turn that money over to the State of California.

To see a list of funds being held by Stanislaus County or recently transferred to the State of California.

To link to the State of California

Returned Items

When a department has deposited a check or money order, which is subsequently returned by the financial institution, that item will be handled by the depositing department. There will be a processing fee to cover the bank, postage and handling fees which will be collected by the depositing department.

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