Assistance for Seniors & the Disabled

Senior Connection - Catholic Charities: (209) 593-6112
Assisted transportation for adults 60 or older. Door to door service for those that have difficulty with fixed route or Dial a Ride service. Medical Appointments given priority- reservations required. No fee for services but donations appreciated.

Angels on Wheels: (209) 524-7241 American Cancer Society
Volunteer drivers take oncology patients to their medical appointments…

Dial - A - Ride Services vary by City: a specialized transportation service for persons with disabilities, and people 65 and older. MOVE – Consolidated transportation agency assist the local cities with determining eligibility for all Stanislaus County Dial-A-ride service providers. Contact MOVE to assist with the application process. (209) 672-1143

Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT Bus) For transportation between cities throughout Stanislaus County. StaRT also offers a Dial-a-ride /Shuttle Service for Newman, Patterson and Waterford.

For more information Call StaRT 1 800 262-1516

Free Mobility Training: Using the bus can mean greater freedom and independence. Mobility Training provides one-on-one instruction to learn bus riding skills around Stanislaus County.

BRIDGES Volunteer Driver Program : The program is designed to provide service to those that require transportation assistance in accessing everyday needs including: medical appointments, grocery shopping, and social activities. The program is a mileage reimbursement program that allows the rider to give their drivers some money to put towards gas.

Please contact Consolidated Transportation Services Agency at (209) 672-1143 for further details. You can also email Stacie Morales gro.sualsinatsevom@meicats.