Need Help Paying Medicare Costs?

Need help paying for your prescription medications? Check to see if your income qualifies you for help paying the $164.90 Medicare Premium

If you already have SSI or full Medi-Cal, you are already getting these benefits.

If you don't already have Medi-Cal and have income under *$1,700/month (or about $2,300 month for a couple) you may qualify for the Medicare subsidy called "Extra Help" & and if your income is even lower you may also qualify for a Medicare Savings Plan that pays the monthly Medicare Premium.

The actual amount is $1,700/1 and $2,289/ 2 for Extra Help or LIS (Limited Income Subsidy) & that is total income before the $164.90 (2023) Medicare Premium is taken out of their Social Security.

If you qualify for "Extra Help" paying your prescription costs, you will:

Prescription bottle and pills

Pay no more than $3.95 for each generic and $9.85 for each brand-name covered drug.

(In 2016, costs are no more than $2.95 for each generic/$7.40 for each brand-name covered drug.)

Those with even less income may also qualify for help paying the Medicare Premium each month - saving $164.90 every month!

So again- if you are not already on Medi-Cal/ not receiving SSI and make less than $1,700/1 or $2,289/2 (including the $164.90 2023 Medicare Premium) come talk to HICAP and let's see if you qualify & if so, we can help you apply!

Ways to apply:

  1. 1. Call the Stanislaus County HICAP 209 558-4540 for a free in-person, Phone or Virtual appointment
  2. To apply online for Extra Help go to Social Security Extra Help
  3. Call or visit the local Medi-Cal office 1 877-652-0734
  4. Call Medicare 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)

HICAP is co-located with the Stanislaus County Aging & Veterans Services office

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