CSA 4 Expansion

Current revenue being collected in CSA 10 is insufficient to pay for the expenses to provide those special benefit services (current services include, parks, public works storm drain and street sweepings). Furthermore, residents outside of the CSA 10 boundary continue to benefit from storm drain services paid by CSA 10. Based on initial feedback obtained from community meetings, staff proposed for everyone benefiting in CSA 10, CSA 4 and other non-CSA residents to begin paying a fair share before CSA 10 rate is increased. Since CSA 4 is a storm drain only service area and currently within the Salida area, staff recommended and with Board approval applied to LAFCO to expand the boundary of CSA 4 to cover all of Salida’s benefiting parcels (~4,400 parcels). This is a summary of events over the last year and proposed next steps/actions:

  • October 2019 - Public outreach at the monthly Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC) meeting to discuss CSA revenue issues (meeting held at Salida Library 10/22/2019)
  • November 2019 - A second public outreach meeting with the community (meeting held at Salida Library 11/12/2019)
  • December 2019 - Staff developed a proposed plan to expand CSA 4 to encompass all parcels within Salida (this was a direct result based on feedback from prior outreach meetings)
  • January 2020 - A third public outreach meeting to present the proposal of expanding CSA 4 (meeting held at Salida Library 1/14/2020)
  • February 2020 - A fourth public outreach at the monthly MAC meeting in the Salida Library (held 2/25/2020), MAC Board unanimously recommends staff propose for Board Approval to Initiate Proceedings for the Expansion of County Service Area No. 4 in Salida
  • March 2020 - July 2020 - Staff preparing exhibits and engineer’s report with application for LAFCO to expand CSA 4
  • August 11, 2020 - Board of Supervisors authorized staff to submit an application to LAFCO to begin the process of expanding CSA 4 (RESO #2020-0412)
  • August 2020 - Staff submit application and LAFCO begins review
  • September 2020 - LAFCO review ongoing

UPCOMING (dates tentative):

  • October 2020 – Staff to provide an update at the monthly MAC meeting
  • Winter 2020 – LAFCO completes review, mails ballots, holds public hearing and protest hearing, adopts results (typical for expansions)
  • If the increase is approved through the LAFCO process, the results will be recorded with the County Clerk
  • Spring 2021 – Staff will submit recording to Auditor to begin assessment for 21-22 Tax Year (beginning Nov. ‘21)