Transportation Permits

The Transportation Section of Development Services issues annual and daily transportation permits. The purpose of the annual blanket and daily transportation permits enables the County to regulate movement of oversize loads over County bridges and roads in order to ensure vehicle safety and to protect public bridges and roads.

Issuing the permit assures that oversize loads are moved over bridges and roads that can handle the weight and dimension requirements for the load, and that also addresses safety considerations unique to the assigned route. A daily transportation permit is required whenever movement over County bridges and roads falls within the following criteria:

  • The truck, truck and trailer, vehicle, or vehicle and trailer are over the legal size defined in California Vehicle Code Division 15.
  • The load is over the legal size in terms of height, width, length, and/or weight as defined in California Vehicle Code Division 15.

An annual blanket transportation permit can be obtained and used in lieu of a daily transportation permit along routes over County bridges and roads that can handle Caltrans’ rated load specified on the permit. Citizens and commercial businesses may apply for daily and annual blanket transportation permits. The applicant must submit a completed daily or annual blanket transportation permit form.

The staff in Transportation Permitting division provides a wide range of services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Issue annual and daily transportation permits for legally oversized vehicles and trailer loads moving across County roads and bridges.
  • Perform field inspection duties in support of transportation permit issuances.
  • Work with other jurisdictions and agencies (including the California Highway Patrol) for issuance of ultra-heavy loads.
  • Provide over-the-counter customer support and provide general information related to transportation permit requirements.
  • Update and maintain the County Bridge Map and Addendums to include current bridge ratings and provide online web-based GIS map bridge information.
  • Coordinate with transportation permitting companies in setting up and maintaining trust accounts.

Application forms for daily and annual blanket transportation permits can be requested by calling Public Works at (209) 525-4130, faxing to (209) 525-6507, requesting in person over-the-counter, or accessing online information. More information can be found on the FAQ page. To complete an application for a transportation permit, click here.