Regional Flood Management Plan

More than one million Californians live and work in the floodplains of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley where flood risks are among the highest in the nation. In response to this threat to people, property, and the environment, the Central Valley Flood Protection Act of 2008 directed the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to prepare the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) for Central Valley Flood Protection Board adoption.

The CVFPP is the most comprehensive flood management planning effort ever undertaken in California, addressing flood risks in an integrated manner while concurrently improving ecosystem functions, operations and maintenance practices, and institutional support for flood management.

Each region in the CVFPP is developing their own Regional Flood Management Program (RFMP) which will develop future projects eligible for Federal and State grants. Stanislaus County and River Partners are co-leads and partners on the next step for us – which is to develop the RFMP for the Mid-San Joaquin River Segment.

The primary goal of the RFMP is to improve flood risk management. The supporting goals include: improving operations and maintenance, promoting ecosystem functions, improving institutional support, and promoting multi-benefit projects.

The RFMP is a plan for improving public safety, environmental stewardship, and long-term economic stability. Currently, our Floodplain Management team is holding public meetings and outreach in order to holistically and collaboratively prepare the RFMP that multiple stakeholders can approve. We are meeting with agriculture interests, the Reclamation Districts, US Fish and Wildlife, the irrigation districts, cities, Office of Emergency Services, utilities, and other interested parties.

The Mid SJR region extends from the Merced-San Joaquin River confluence to the Stanislaus-San Joaquin River confluence. Specifically, any areas protected by the State Plan of Flood Control facilities, and any other areas experiencing flood issues that have a nexus to these facilities, will be eligible for inclusion in the Mid SJR RFMP. For a map of the planning area, click here.

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