Development Permits

The staff in the Land Development section protects the County's interest by ensuring that the development and design of public improvements comply with Stanislaus County Standards and all applicable laws to provide for the greatest benefits to the public.

The Land Development section of Public Works offers the following services:

  • Provides customer assistance to the public for discretionary and non-discretionary development permits
  • Reviews improvement plans and drainage calculations for residential, commercial and industrial projects
  • Reviews commercial, residential and industrial building permits & grading permits
  • Supports the Building Permits Division with questions on over the counter issues
  • Reviews road classifications and coordinates Irrevocable Offers of Dedications (IOD) for ultimate rights of way
  • Writes Conditions of Approval for discretionary development approval
  • Reviews the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Detection System (NPDES) storm water requirements
  • Participates in and attends Planning Commission meetings
  • Participates in the Environment Review Committee Meetings
  • Performs field services, including but not limited to: data gathering, site reviews and verifies that right-of-way is sufficient for future road classification.
  • Verifies that Subdivision Plans, Parcel Maps and Improvement Plans meet the Conditions of Approval approved by the County Planning Commission
  • Index records, such as Improvement Plans, Subdivision Improvement Plans, Financial Guarantees, and Street Improvement Agreements
  • Updates County Ordinances relating to Land Development

Development Services staff performs plan checks in the following areas:

Building Plans - Plan check for compliance to Public Works standards in the area of grading and storm drainage design.

Off-site improvement plans - Staff looks at road work (street, curb, gutter, sidewalk), storm drainage, and water & sewer service to ensure compliance to current County standards.