What we do

The Design Division addresses the environmental, utility and right of way coordination of a project through to construction documents that consist of plans, specifications and an engineer’s estimate. The construction documents are presented to the Board of Supervisors for approval to bid; the project is awarded and then tracked for progress through construction.

Engineering Design is in charge of the Public Works portion of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  Engineering Design has produced a Program of Projects that determines our project priority which feeds into the CIP.  In addition, Engineering Design coordinates with StanCOG on the County’s portion of the Regional Transportation Plan.

The Design Division Programs State and Federal Grant Dollars in Support of County Projects.  The Transportation Project Coordinators work closely with Caltrans Local Assistance, StanCOG and other agencies in order to maximize funding and grant opportunities for Public Works and the County.

The Design Division project manages and consults on internal client projects for Parks and Recreation, Department of Environmental Resources and the Chief Executive Office.

In-House Design including the production of plans and specifications for the following Project Types:

  • Maintenance Projects for overlays and chip/slurry seals
  • Signal Projects - example Beard and McClure along 132E
  • Widening Projects - Hatch Channelization between Ceres and Hughson
  • Redevelopment Projects - Empire Redevelopment Area Phase 1A

Project Manage more specialized project types for Public Works managing consultants on these complex project types.

  • Freeway Interchange Projects
  • Bridge Projects