Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the department name was changed to Behavioral Health and Recovery Services because it more adequately describes all of the services we offer which include alcohol and drug treatment. We focus on promoting recovery from mental illness as well as alcohol and drug problems.

If you are in a crisis, you should begin with Emergency Services at (209) 558-4600. Otherwise, you may call 1-888-376-6246. You may obtain a list of contracted providers if needed.

A staff person will do an assessment and take care of any immediate needs. You will then be referred or linked to other services as appropriate.

If you are concerned that you are a danger to yourself or to others, or you are unable to take care of yourself, please call 911, or go to the nearest Emergency room. The telephone number is 209-558-4600. The office is located at 1904 Richland Ave. Bldg. C Ceres, CA 95307

You may call 1-888-376-6246 for program information or to access alcohol and drug services.

Call 1-888-376-6246 for help in directing you to the program to best serve you. If you do receive services for both a mental health and substance abuse problem, you will generally be able to obtain both services in the same location.

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