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Body Art Program

Safe Body Art Act

Stanislaus County Environmental Health Division, is designated as the local enforcement agency in a new state law (AB300), the Safe Body Art Act, that became effective July 1, 2012. The Safe Body Art Act regulates the performance of tattooing, body piercing and permanent cosmetics in permanent facilities, vehicles and at temporary events.

Between now and July 1, 2012 we will be working with existing body art practitioners to bring their operations into compliance with the new law. All facilities will be required to obtain a Health Permit from the Department of Environmental Resources and although the registration requirement for practitioners has not changed, there are now mandated training's for every artist.

Only registered body art practitioners practicing in permitted facilities are allowed to practice within Stanislaus County

Important features of the Safe body Art Act include:

  • Facility permits and structural requirements for studios. Please contact this office if you are a facility owner/operator and an application will be sent to you or you can download them from the forms page.
  • All Body Art Artists MUST practice at a permitted facility, if you are currently registered at your home or other address, you must register at an approved facility.
  • All Body Artist/Practitioners will be required to have evidence that they have successfully completed an OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training as well as complying with the current Hepatitis B requirements.
  • Facility Owners/Operators shall provide Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Training for the decontamination and sterilization area or procedure area.
  • A Body Art Facility shall maintain and follow an Infection Control Plan and provide on-site training.
  • Jewelry and ASTM standards.
  • Client notification, consent and medical history.
  • Records pertaining to training and clients must be retained for three years and then shredded prior to disposal.
  • California Department of Public Health approved sharps disposal.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Courses

List of Sharps Mail Back Services

Permit and practitioner applications, plan check forms, a facility self inspection form and a generic infection prevention and control plan can be found on the forms page.

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