About Us

The purpose of Environmental Health is to preventing, preserving, and enhancing the environmental factors crucial to community health and safety. As an integral part of the Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources, we serve as the regulatory enforcement division, often recognized as "Health Inspectors," officially designated as "Environmental Health Specialists."

As per the California Health and Safety Code, our responsibilities are entrusted solely to qualified and trained professionals. Our team comprises experts with diverse scientific backgrounds, including chemistry, physics, biology, microbiology, mathematics, and environmental health. Furthermore, the majority of our staff have successfully completed rigorous state licensing tests, earning the title of "Registered Environmental Health Specialist."

The Environmental Health Division's overarching objective is to safeguard the health, prevent diseases, and promote well-being for all residents of Stanislaus County. Our programs encompass:

  • Food Protection - Overseeing food safety standards in restaurants, retail food establishments, mobile food vendors, temporary event food services, and Cottage Food Operations.
  • Public Water Systems - Ensuring the safety and reliability of small-scale public water systems with fewer than 200 connections.
  • Recreational Health - Monitoring the hygiene and safety of public pools and spas.
  • Liquid Waste and Land Use - Collaborating on issuing permits related to septic systems and land usage, serving as essential partners in building and planning endeavors.
  • Well Construction - Managing the construction, destruction, and modifications of wells to ensure safe and reliable water sources.
  • Employee Housing - Ensuring the living conditions of employee housing meet health and safety standards.
  • Detention Facilities - Maintaining health and hygiene standards within detention facilities.
  • Body Art - Regulating tattooing, permanent cosmetics, and piercing establishments.
  • Plan Review - Food facilities, recreational health, wells, body art facilities, and on site wastewater treatment systems.
  • Complaint Resolution - Investigating and addressing complaints related to the aforementioned programs, ensuring swift resolution and adherence to regulatory standards.

The Environmental Health is dedicated to foster a healthier, safer, and more resilient community for generations to come.