About Us

The Environmental Resources Department maintains environmental health as follows:

  • Inspects, permits, monitors, and implements the Safe Body Art Act
  • Performs routine inspections of retail food facilities for compliance with health and safety codes.
  • Responds to complaints of improper food handling, alleged food poisoning, unsanitary conditions and vermin infestations.
  • Review plans of food facilities, recreational health and on-site sewage systems.
  • Conducts investigative inspections of residential single and multiple family units on a complaint basis. Determines housing violations which are hazardous to life or limb.
  • Inspects for compliance with state codes and issue permits for the operation of county mobile home parks, detention facilities, organized camps and employee housing.
  • Proposed parcel splits; subdivisions; use permits and building permit applications are evaluated for sufficient sewage disposal systems and domestic water supply. Participates in environmental review committees for city and county projects and comments on environmental impact study referrals.
  • Provides information on risk assessment of contaminants found in water supplies and remedial alternatives.
  • Ensures acceptable water quality, structural safety and the availability of life-saving equipment at all public pools and spas.
  • Routinely samples water of natural bathing areas to determine suitability for human contact.
  • Investigates complaints regarding environmental concerns such as refuse disposal, noise, dust, odors, rodents, flies and other insects.
  • Investigates complaints concerning failed sewage disposal systems . Conducts inspections of new and rehabilitated private sewage disposal systems for compliance with health and safety codes. Inspects and monitors septic tank/chemical toilet pumper trucks.
  • Tracks air pollution issues of local concern.
  • Helps implement local nonpoint source air pollution control measures when needed.
  • Assists the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District when requested.