Cleaning Products Guidelines For Multi-flo And Nayadic Units

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  • Generally, all household cleaning products are acceptable when used in moderation.
  • The following laundry detergents have been used successfully in our units:
    • Arm and Hammer powder with bleach
    • Ultra Cheer powder with advance color guard
    • Lanosoft*
    • Liquid Tide with bleach alternative
    • Ultra Bright powder
    • Ultra ERA liquid
    • Ultra FAB powder
    • Ultra Surf powder
  • Whenever possible, space washings throughout the week instead of doing several loads on one day.
  • USE CHLORINE BLEACH in moderation. You may use oxygen bleach or a cleaner with bleach additives.
  • Moderation is key! Most Products can be used; simply do not use them all in one day at a high concentration.
  • Non-Abrasives and Spray Cleaners are best for bathrooms.
  • If a product is concentrated, don’t use it at full strength; start one-third to one half of the recommended amount.

* Lanosoft can be purchased through your Multi-Flo or Nayadic representative.