Primary and Secondary Sewage Treatment Initiative Measure X


Under elections code Sections 3702 and the following published Notice of Intent, we the undersigned, more than 10% of the registered qualified voters of the County, hereby present this petition and request that a proposed ordinance be passed without alteration by you, or be submitted to a vote of the people at the next Statewide Election.


Notice is hereby given by the person whose name appears hereon of her intention to circulate a petition within the County of Stanislaus, California, for the purpose of proposing an ordinance, the text of which is as follows:

WHEREAS, the public health, safety, and welfare require the preservation of irreplaceable agricultural land and open space in Stanislaus County; and

WHEREAS, uncontrolled growth and development in the County threaten to damage our natural resources and to pollute the groundwater sources of our drinking water in the County; and

WHEREAS, current planning and development policies and practices of Stanislaus County may cause negative economic impacts on the incorporated cities and special districts in the County; and

WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of all residents and business enterprises located in the County to implement responsible planning and development policies and practices in the County;

NOW, THEREFORE, we the voters of the County of Stanislaus, State of California do ordain as follows:

No parcel map, subdivision, rezoning, building permit, or other development entitlement shall be authorized, approved, created, or issued by Stanislaus County for the purpose of urban development unless:

  1. Primary and secondary sewage treatment capacity exists and is available to serve said development; and
  2. Connection to said sewage treatment system will occur prior to occupancy; or
  3. A public emergency exists, based upon findings of fact describing such public emergency. "Urban development," as defined in this ordinance, expressly excludes the following:
    1. One single-family dwelling in a residential lot recorded prior to July 13, 1990
    2. Agriculturally related uses for which use permits are required
    3. Housing to be occupied by agricultural workers or by very low income residents, as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 50105; and
    4. Public parks and low-density recreational uses
    5. Alteration or expansion of any use, provided that the amount of improved square footage existing as of November 8, 1988 is not increased by more than fifty percent (50%).

In the event that this measure, or any portion of it, is inconsistent with the County General Plan, or any element thereof, or any other planning or zoning ordinance, the County shall amend the General Plan or such planning or zoning ordinance to be consistent with and conform to this measure within six (6) months of the enactment of this measure of the voters.

The various provisions of this ordinance are severable; and, if any is found unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the unenforceable provision may be severed, leaving the others remaining in full force and effect.

Dated: May 3, 1988
Name: Peggy Mensinger
1320 Magnolia Ave., Modesto, CA 95350