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Probation Services


The Juvenile Hall is a maximum security detention facility for juveniles who have committed offenses prior to their eighteenth birthday. Juveniles who are arrested and not released by law enforcement agencies are delivered into the Probation Officer's custody at Juvenile Hall. Those youth who are detained by the Juvenile Court are kept in custody pending completion of their court proceedings. The Juvenile Commitment Facility houses youth who require a period of incarceration as part of their final disposition. While in Juvenile Hall and the Juvenile Commitment Facility, youth are provided with a healthy, safe environment that keeps them securely detained. Standards require a comprehensive program which includes education, recreation, counseling, health and religious activities.

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All minors who are arrested by law enforcement agencies are referred to the Probation Department, either by the issuing of a citation or by booking into the Juvenile Hall. A Probation Intake Officer investigates the minor's delinquent behavior and other circumstances and may dispose of the referral by counseling and releasing the minor, referring the minor and/or family to a community counseling agency, placing the minor on informal probation for up to one year, or referring the minor to the District Attorney for formal charging in Juvenile Court.


Following the conviction of an adult or the adjudication of a juvenile, many cases are referred to the Probation Department for a report and recommendation prior to sentencing. The Probation Officer's investigation consists of a thorough review of all available information, interviews with concerned parties, and a careful evaluation of all relevant circumstances.

Recommendations in Juvenile Court range from a release from custody, to a release on Alternatives to Custody programs, to a commitment to the Juvenile Institutions, or to placement in a Short Term Residential Treatment Program. Recommendations center on rehabilitating youth.

Adult sentencing recommendations are primarily concerned with the granting or denying of probation and issues of the length and place of incarceration. In both juvenile and adult investigations, the Probation Department makes recommendations for the specific conditions of Probation required in each individual case. Whenever possible, it is recommended that the court order the offender to make restitution to his/her victim.


Probation orders contain specific conditions intended to monitor, control and assist the probationer in leading a law abiding life in the community. The level or type of supervision received is determined by a validated risk/needs assessment.

Probation Officers are sworn peace officers who implement and enforce the conditions of probation ordered by the court by combining authoritative case work with enforcement techniques, such as surveillance, searching for contraband, testing for drug or alcohol use, and others. When probationers fail to abide by the court's orders, the Probation Officer is responsible for returning the case to court for further sentencing, which frequently entails returning the probationer to secure custody in jail or juvenile hall.

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