Active Planning Projects

Land use entitlement applications undergo various referrals for compliance with local and state public hearing requirements and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) circulation and noticing requirements. The various types of referrals include:

  • Early Consultation - A two-week referral typically occurring within 30-days of project submittal.
  • CEQA Exempt - A two week referral occurring for projects determined by staff to be exempt under CEQA. This referral may be used in lieu of an Early Consultation referral and may including a public hearing notice.
  • Initial Study - A 30-day referral required for circulation of an Initial Study prepared in compliance with CEQA. This referral may include a public hearing notice serving as a Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration of Negative Declaration in compliance with CEQA.
  • Notice of Preparation - A 30-day referral required when an Environmental Impact Report in compliance with CEQA will be prepared.
  • Draft EIR - A 45-day referral required for circulation of an Environmental Impact Report prepared in compliance with CEQA.
  • Final EIR - A 10-day referral providing a notice of public hearing to consider certification of an Environmental Impact Report.

Additional types of referrals, along with links to project specific information, may also be posted below. A description of the referral type and or information is provided with each link.

Application Number Project Name Document
PLN2014-0108 Isabel Machado Dairy Early Consultation
PLN2015-0030 Blue Diamond Early Consultation
PLN2015-0085 William Rossi Early Consultation
PLN2017-0086 Toste Transportation, Inc. Early Consultation
PLN2017-0098 Best RV Center Early Consultation
PLN2017-0106 Silva & Sons Spreading Early Consultation
PLN2017-0113 Rossini Huller Early Consultation
PLN2017-0144 KGS Dhoot Partnership Early Consultation
PLN2018-0001 Pacific Coast Commodities Early Consultation
PLN2018-0022 Nunes Road Travel Plaza Early Consultation
PLN2018-0031 Gomes Trucking - W. Tuolumne Road Early Consultation
PLN2018-0045 Reeves Sand and Gravel Early Consultation
PLN2018-0057 Kamir Incorporated Early Consultation
PLN2018-0069 Hindu Temple Early Consultation
PLN2018-0075 T & L Partnership - South Blaker Road Early Consultation
PLN2018-0076 Tsymbal Winery Early Consultation
PLN2018-0078 ITC Enterprises, LLC Early Consultation
PLN2018-0080 Central Valley Crescent Early Consultation
PLN2018-0081 Libitzky Management Corporation Early Consultation
PLN2018-0082 Libitzky Holdings, LP Early Consultation
PLN2018-0104 Monte Vista Farms Early Consultation
PLN2019-0006 Sharp Investor, Inc Early Consultation
PLN2019-0024 Langworth Dairy Early Consultation
PLN2019-0028 Keyes Community Services District Early Consultation
PLN2019-0038 David E. Potter Investments Early Consultation
PLN2019-0045 Beeler Development Early Consultation
PLN2019-0061 Bronco Wine Company Early Consultation
PLN2019-0075 **REVISED** Masroc Farms Early Consultation
PLN2019-0077 Derrel's Mini Storage Early Consultation
PLN2019-0079 **AMENDED**Cal Sierra Financial, Inc. Early Consultation
PLN2019-0080 Sun Valley Transport, Inc. Early Consultation
PLN2019-0082 Zero Center Farms Early Consultation
PLN2019-0092 Pacific Botanical Laboratories,LLC Early Consultation
PLN2019-0093 Tenaya Banquet Hall Early Consultation
PLN2019-0094 Central Valley Growers, LLC - Howard Road II Early Consultation
PLN2019-0095Central Valley Growers, LLC - Howard Road III Early Consultation
PLN2019-0131 Lark Landing Early Consultation
PLN2019-0133 Legacy Nursery - S. Daubenberger Road Early Consultation
PLN2020-0003 Genasci Parcel Map Early Consultation
PLN2020-0004 McHenry RV and Boat Storage Pole Sign Early Consultation
Application Number Project Name Document
PLN2013-0005 Holy Family Church CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2015-0101 & PLN2015-0102 Keyes 19 North & South CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2017-0015 Verizon Wireless - Orchard Road CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2018-0106 Mello CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0017 AT&T Mobility - Montpelier Road CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0022 DePalma Farms CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0025 WSP Commercial Investments, LLC CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0034 Empire Branch Library Parking Lot CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0056 4335 Northstar Group, LLC CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0064 Frontier Communications CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0068 R.A.M. Farms, Inc. CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0072 CarMax Photo Booth CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0073 Salida Ag Chem CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0083 Lopez - Montague Court CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0085 Abrams College CEQA Exempt Referral
PLN2019-0130 David Potter CEQA Exempt Referral
Application Number Project Name Document
PLN2017-0127 Joe Caton Trucking, Inc Initial Study
PLN2018-0001 Pacific Coast Commodities Initial Study
PLN2018-0082 Libitzky Holdings, LP Initial Study
PLN2018-0090 Honchariw - Frymire Road Initial Study
PLN2018-0093 The Genezen Project Initial Study
PLN2018-0173 VIG - Golden State, LLC Initial Study
PLN2019-0018 Grower Direct Nut Initial Study
PLN2019-0045 Beeler Development Initial Study
PLN2019-0077 Derrel's Mini Storage Initial Study
PLN2019-0093 Tenaya Banquet Hall Initial Study
Application Number Project Name Document