Methamphetamine Contaminated Property Program


Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources oversees the investigation and clean-up of properties contaminated by the manufacture of methamphetamine. The manufacture of the illegal drug methamphetamine involves the use of various hazardous materials. These materials may exceed standards established for human exposure and occupancy of certain structures. Chapter 6.9.1 Section 25400.1 of Health and Safety Code requires that the designated local agency direct the investigation and clean up any property contaminated by the manufacture of methamphetamine, as well as establishes statewide clean-up standards related to the chemicals of concern.

The Department of Environmental Resources employs a Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team, which initially responds to a reported methamphetamine manufacture location. Upon initial assessment, the Response Team member will determine if the manufacturing process of methamphetamine contaminated the property. If a property is deemed contaminated it is immediately posted to prohibit entry without the express approval of DER staff. Once a property is posted to prohibit entry the site is transferred to DER's Site Mitigation staff for follow up.

The goal of DER staff regarding the clean-up of methamphetamine contaminated property is to apply statewide established human occupancy standards related to chemical hazards known to be associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine.

For general questions regarding property contaminated by the manufacture of methamphetamine please contact the Department of Environmental Resources, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm at (209) 525-6700 and ask to speak with a Hazardous Materials Specialist.

Criteria for Methamphetamine Laboratory Remediation Manual

DER Process Form for the Remediation of Methamphetamine Contaminated Property