Valley Home California


Originally called Clyde, then Thalheim, and now Valley Home (English translation of Thalheim), center of small farms of various types. Valley home is the shipping point for north-eastern part of the county. The community received its greatest impetus from the settlement of German colonists around 1900, with the post office established in 1903. The land prior to that time had been a big wheat ranch, taken over by a banking company through foreclosure of a mortgage. In order to recuperate its losses, the company took advantage of the irrigation plan, which water provided by the Tulloch Ditch Company. Thus, was the land sold to a real estate company, divided into small ranches, and sold by newspaper advertising to German families in the Middle West.
(Joseph Burton Vasche)


Valley Home Municipal Advisory Council
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Valley Home School Board of Trustees
The Valley Home School Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of each month on behalf of the students and parents of the Valley Home School District.
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