Knights Ferry California


1849 mining town on the Stanislaus River, still scene of mining, sand and gravel activity. The town of Knights Ferry was named after its founder and original settler, Captain William Knight, who had crossed plans with Captain Freemont. Knight operated a ferry and a trading post at the site. The name "Dentville" was attached to the mining community for a short period, in honor of John Dent who surveyed the town site in 1852. (Joseph Burton Vasche)


Knights Ferry Cemetery District
Established February 10, 1936. Govern and manage district. Maintenance of cemetery limited to use of burial of residents or taxpayers of the district or former residents or taxpayers of the district who purchased lots or plots while residents or taxpayers or members of their families.
Contact: Carol Davis (209) 881-3217


Knights Ferry Community Services District
Established August 5, 1970. Water treatment and distribution.
Contact: Eric Ulrich (209) 505-4651


Knights Ferry Municipal Advisory Council
For information on Municipal Advisory Council please visit: