Jury Trial Information

A trial attorney will be assigned to your case who will be your attorney and will be responsible for seeing your case to its conclusion.
In order to properly handle your case it is important that you discuss the matter with your attorney.

Here are a few things you can do to help your attorney:

  1. Keep the yellow document you received from the court. It tells you when your next court dates are (and may have other instructions for you). Be sure to appear at all dates and times indicated unless instructed differently by your attorney.
  2. Call the Public Defender's Office, (209)525-4200, after allowing at least THREE (3) WORKING DAYS for us to process your file. We will tell you the name of your attorney.
  3. Make an appointment to see your attorney.
  4. If you have witnesses you wish to subpoena for the defense of your case, send or bring to the Public Defender's Office the names, addresses and phone numbers of those witnesses.
  5. Be prepared to explain to your attorney how those witnesses will be helpful.