About Us

Who We Are

It is the responsibility of Purchasing to coordinate, monitor, and record all phases of County procurements of supplies, equipment, materials, services, and Public Works projects under $100,000, excluding purchasing card procurements. Purchasing is also responsible for the sale of County surplus personal property, and the leasing of real and personal property.

What We Do

  1. Foster maximum open and free competition for county purchases and contracts.
  2. Promote the greatest economy and efficiency in county procurements.
  3. Ensure adherence to proper standards of conduct by county officers and employees.
  4. Maintain procurement policies and procedures that guarantee compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  5. Establish and maintain a professional, business-like, ethical relationship with all contractors.
  6. Treat all prospective contractors, consultants, and vendors in an equal and equitable manner.
  7. Provide opportunities for remedy and resolution of contract claims or disputes.

What We Offer

The procedures contained in the Policies and Procedures are designed to implement the fundamental principles of procurement.