Recycling Market Development Zone

Stanislaus County’s Recycling Market Development Zone Program

The County of Stanislaus, along with its nine cities, is a state-designated Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ). The purpose of the RMDZ is to help create local markets for the processing, manufacturing, and marketing of products made from recycled materials.

Businesses that are Eligible for Zone Assistance

Most of the incentives and assistance are designed specifically for manufacturing businesses located in Stanislaus County. If a business manufacturers a new product out of recycled materials, processes recyclables in such a way that their market value is increased, repairs items that would otherwise become waste, or makes products using less materials or while generating less waste, it may be eligible for specific incentives and assistance which include:

  • Low Interest Loans - The RMDZ can finance up to 75% of a project, up to $2 million per loan. Loan terms are up to 15 years, and the low interest rates are from fixed-rate State funds. Rates are kept at or below the prime rate (4% as of February, 2014).
  • Permit Assistance - public agencies will assist businesses through local and state permitting and regulatory processes.
  • Location Assistance - businesses will be guided to industrially zoned property, and other sites, throughout Stanislaus County.
  • Materials for Manufacturing - Stanislaus County’s recyclables are collected through curbside, buyback and drop-off programs and are processed in three main locations.

For additional information, contact the Stanislaus County RMDZ Administrator at (209)525-6700 or view the CalRecycle RMDZ web site.