Thomas E. Boze
Thomas E. Boze
Loyola Law School - 2000

Thomas Boze is the County Counsel for the County of Stanislaus. As County Counsel, Thomas oversees all aspects of the Office and serves as the chief legal advisor to the Board of Supervisors, the County Chief Executive, the Civil Grand Jury, and all County elected officials and department heads. He oversees all litigation brought by the County and the defense of all litigation filed against the County, its officers, and its employees.

The office handles a wide variety of matters ranging from: employment, health care, probate, conservatorships, elections, construction, water, tax, criminal justice, child welfare, land use, zoning, environmental issues, litigation, appeals, legislation, worker's compensation, contracts, and the list goes on. To meet the challenge of handling the breadth and diversity of our work the office utilizes a team approach as well as the individual expertise of our talented attorneys.

The office is organized into two teams:

General Legal Services Team

The general legal services team performs work related to land use and code enforcement matters, contracts, public works and finance, public safety, litigation, and health and adult welfare. Principle clients served by this team include the Board of Supervisors, Chief Executive Office, Economic Development Agency, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Transportation Department, Fire Department, Sheriff's Department, Probation Department, Behavior Health and Recovery Services, Children and Families Commission, Environmental Resources, Health Services Agency, Library, Planning and Community Development, Registrar of Voters, Treasurer/Tax Collector, Assessor, Elections/Registrar of Voters, Clerk-Recorder and Airport Land Use Commission and Treasurer/Tax Collector.

Robert J. Taro
Humphreys College of Law – 1995
Areas of Expertise: Sheriff’s Department, Probation, District Attorney, Public Defender, Assessment Appeals Board, Risk Management/Litigation, Bail, Planning and Community Development
Marc M. Hartley
Northwestern California University – 2002
Areas of Expertise: Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Public Guardian, Health Services Agency, Library
Todd E. James
Nova Southeastern University – 2008
Areas of Expertise: Public Works, Code Enforcement, Environmental Resources, Special Projects, Nuisance and Civil Litigation
Alice E. Mimms
McGeorge School of Law UOP – 2006
Areas of Expertise: Child Support Services, Human Resources and Employment, Equal Rights Officer, Workplace Violence
Daniel P. Solish
UCLA School of Law - 2011
Areas of Expertise: Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures, Animal Services, Assessor, Auditor Controller, Bankruptcy, Deferred Compensations, Registrar of Voters and Clerk-Recorder, Revenue Recovery, Retirement, Sheriff-Civil, Veterans’ Commission, Treasurer Tax Collector, Veteran’s Commission

Child Welfare Team

The Child Welfare team handles matters involving allegations of child abuse and/or neglect. The principal clients served by this team are the Community Services Agency, Child Welfare, Adult Protective Services, IHSS, and Stan Works. The attorneys handle litigation in Juvenile Court involving juvenile dependency cases, dual status hearings, 827 record requests, IHSS, Adult Protective services, as well as Juvenile Court Appeals and Writs.

Z. Sophia Ahmad
Loyola Law School – 1993
Expertise: Juvenile Court- Child Welfare/Dependency; Juvenile Court Appeals and Writs; IHSS; APS
Angela J. Cobb
Humphreys College of Law – 2012
Expertise: Juvenile Court- Child Welfare/Dependency; Juvenile Court Appeals and Writs; IHSS; APS
Lindy S. Giacopuzzirotz
California Western School at Law – 2015
Expertise: Juvenile Court- Child Welfare/Dependency; Juvenile Court Appeals and Writs; IHSS; APS
Maria Elena R. Ratliff
Hastings College of Law – 2004
Expertise: Juvenile Court- Child Welfare/Dependency; Juvenile Court Appeals and Writs; IHSS; APS; administrative hearings for child welfare