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Come to the Denair MAC (Municipal Advisory Council) meetings on the first Tuesday of every month. Listen to county representatives report on issues directly related to the community of Denair. Meetings are held at 7:00pm in the Denair Unified School District Board Room off of Lester Rd.




The history of Denair, like that of most of the San Joaquin Valley, is centered around the railroad and the adventurous young people who settled the West.

Rancher John T. Davis made his home here in 1871, followed by Charles Sperry in 1878 and Harry Clark with his bride in 1882 giving Elmwood Colony its start. The La Grange Dam was completed in 1893 and by 1905; Elmwood Colony could irrigate its land. In 1896, the expanding railroad built on 12 acres of the Davis Ranch. John Denair, a division superintendent for the railroad, bought the town site which was later named for him. The Elmdale Post Office was established Juneh 17, 1898 and in April 1902 John Davis deeded the land to establish the Elmwood School District.

The town was renamed Elmwood on July 14, 1904 and the town blossomed. In 1905, the Crouch-Warner General Merchandise Store was built, establishing the first church in Elmwood. On April 24, 1907 Elmwood was renamed Denair, honoring John Denair. In 1912, the high school was established. Stanislaus State College continues the tradition of education that has run through the history of Elmwood Colony--the Colony that grew into an oasis of abundant water and rich land, truly the "Oasis of the San Joaquin Valley" --


  • Population - 4,403


Denair Community Services District
Established October 3, 1961. Provision of the following services: water, collection and treatment of sewage, and street lighting.
Contact: Jennifer Gomes (209) 634-4986


Denair Fire Protection District
` Established August 4, 1959. Provision of fire protection services.
Contact: Chief Aaron Mundello (209) 632-5032


Denair Municipal Advisory Council
For information on Municipal Advisory Council please visit:


Denair Library
4801 Kersey Road Denair, CA 95316
Phone: (209) 634-1283
Librarian: Karina Mendoza

Denair Post Office
4733 Main Street Denair, CA 95316
Phone: (209) 632-2550

Denair School District
3460 Lester Road Denair, CA 95316
Phone: (209) 632-7514
Superintendent: Dr. Terry Metzger