About Us

Who We Are

We are Stanislaus County Probation Department, focused on providing community safety and services with professional integrity.

Led by Chief Probation Officer Mike Hamasaki, the Stanislaus County Probation Department is a forward-thinking, progressive department that has achieved benchmark status in several areas. The department consists of three major divisions: Field Services, Institutional Services, and Administrative Services. Within the Institutions Division is the Alternative to Custody Programs that include Home Supervision and Electronic Monitoring. Departmental programs include a Day Reporting Center; adult and juvenile drug courts; armed adult and juvenile supervision officers; specialized domestic violence, sex offender and violent offender caseloads; and armed officer assigned to the county’s drug enforcement task force.

What We Do

Stanislaus County Probation ascribes to the following values as core business principles:

  • Deliver services with integrity, professionalism and competence
  • Treat all individuals with dignity and respect
  • Commit to innovation, creativity and collaborative partnerships
  • Encourage leadership, professional development and a positive work environment

The Department continues to emphasize technology as a means to provide better service. Current projects include collaborating on integrations with other agencies and departments to increase efficiency and improve service to the community.

The Probation Department continues to focus on youth oriented programs implemented through grants and community partnerships. The young person represents our best opportunity for success in terms of modifying behavior in a positive manner. The Department’s primary goal is to preempt the involvement of youth in the criminal justice system.

What We Offer

Stanislaus County Probation provides community safety and services with professional integrity.

As an integral part of the criminal justice system, Probation protects our community by:

  • Promoting responsible behavior and offender accountability
  • Providing objective information and recommendations to the Courts
  • Operating safe and secure juvenile facilities and programs
  • Partnering with the community to provide direct services to offenders, families and victims

Our email domain has changed to @stanpro.org, if you are trying to contact a Probation employee and have an old @stancounty.com please update the email domain to @stanpro.org.