About Us

Who We Are

The General Services Agency (GSA) provides centralized services over a broad spectrum of areas, including maintenance and housekeeping of County owned facilities, disposal of surplus county property, messenger and mail services, contract and purchasing assistance, and vehicle maintenance to County departments such as Animal Services, 12th Street Office Building, and Gallo Center for the Arts.

What We Do

  • We educate and inform the public in areas of government procurement.
  • We acquire goods and services for county departments
  • We negotiate contracts and leases for both property and equipment.
  • We provide consultation on procurement needs and contract facilitation to County departments.
  • We provide salvage services for surplus county property.
  • We provide maintenance and repair services for county buildings, systems, and equipment.
  • We respond to routine and emergency maintenance repairs for county buildings.
  • We provide lock and security services for county buildings
  • We provide preventative maintenance services.
  • We provide housekeeping services for county building.
  • We provide preventative and prescriptive maintenance for over 950 county vehicles and specialized equipment.

What We Offer

General Services Agency (GSA) oversees internal support functions, and does not provide services directly to the community. What GSA provides is vehicles, in good working condition, that allow the Sheriff, Probation, and other County departments to do their important work. GSA ensures that county buildings, systems, and equipment are well maintained, workspaces are clean, and in good working order, to allow staff and the public to interact with in a serviceable environment. GSA ensures that County staff is able to focus on their core services, with little thought as to mail, purchasing, or utility payments.

Keith D. Boggs
Assistant Executive Officer /
GSA Director/Purchasing Agent