County of Stanislaus Online Bidding System

Thank you very much for your interest in doing business with the County of Stanislaus. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all business enterprises to participate in our purchasing and contracting activities.

Most RFQs/RFPs, informal and formal solicitations will be processed through our online system. To receive notification of upcoming bid opportunities, you must register as a vendor online by following the two-step registration process outlined below. Once registered, you can search for bid requests, order and download documents, bid electronically (where applicable), and much more!

All responses are due on or before the time shown on each solicitation. Late responses cannot be accepted. It is the responsibility of each bidder/proposer to ensure that the most complete and current version of the solicitation, including any/all addenda, has been downloaded or otherwise obtained.

Local Vendor Preference (where applicable): In accordance with Stanislaus County Code 2.24.125, a five percent (5%) local preference shall be deducted from the total dollar amount bid by local vendors on competitive quotes and bids when submissions are evaluated. The total amount of local preference granted in a single bid shall not exceed $5,000 over a non-local vendor. The award shall be made at full price of the quote or bid.

Registration Instructions

Please follow the two-step process below to register with Stanislaus County

Register with Public Purchase: If you are already registered with Public Purchase please skip Step 1 and proceed directly to Step 2 below. If you are not yet registered with Public Purchase, use this link ( to begin the registration process. You will receive an email (Activation Email) from advising that your account is activated (note: be sure to add this email address to your contacts to avoid bid notifications being sent to your junk folder rather than your inbox). It can take up to 24 hours for your account to become active.
Register with Stanislaus County: Once you have received your Activation Email from Public Purchase, log into and accept the terms and conditions of use. Click this link, to start your registration process with Stanislaus County. Begin by selecting the NIGP Commodity Codes that relate to your business in order to receive email notifications of future bid opportunities.

You may be prompted to fill out a W-9 for Stanislaus County records and for tax purposes. This form must be completed before you will be considered a vendor for the Stanislaus County even if Stanislaus County already has a W-9 from you on file.

If, for any reason, the link above fails, you can follow the following procedure to complete the registration process:

  • Use the Public Purchase link in Step 1 and log in.
  • Click "Select Region," then "Select Agency;" select Stanislaus County.
  • After selecting Stanislaus County, click on "Register with Stanislaus County," (on the right-hand side of the Stanislaus County logo).

It is important that you complete Step 2 of the registration process (i.e., registration with Stanislaus County) or you will not receive notifications of upcoming bid opportunities from Stanislaus County. It is your responsibility to keep the information updated, particularly your contacts and email addresses.

If you have questions or need any assistance with the registration process, you may contact Stanislaus County Purchasing at (209) 525-6319. You may also contact Public Purchase at via email at, or through the Live Chat feature of the Public Purchase website (see, upper left corner) during business hours.

Thank you for your interest in providing service to Stanislaus County!