Keyes California


With irrigation water becoming available after the turn of the century, agricultural production skyrocketed in the San Joaquin Valley. In Keyes, 1300 to 1800 carloads of melons, sweet potatoes and other crops were shipped each year. The train station in Keyes was hastily built in 1914 out of several boxcars. In August of 1914, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Warren assumed the responsibility of running the Keyes Train Station. The Warren's stayed until the depot closed in 1931. (Robert Darus Tatum)


  • Population - 5,601


Keyes Community Services District
Established June 20, 1955. Provision of street lighting and water for domestic and commercial use sanitation (sewage disposal).
Contact: Michelle Harris (209) 668-8341

Keyes Fire Protection District
Established July 5, 1960. Provision of fire protection services.
Contact: Chief Erik Klevmyr (209) 634-7690

Keyes Municipal Advisory Council
Established March 12, 1991. Advises the Board of Supervisors on such matters which related to that area as may be designated by the Board concerning services which are or may be provided to the area by the County or other local governmental agencies, including but not limited to advice on matters of public health, safety, welfare, public works, and planning.
Contact: Davie Landers (209) 664-1431