What It Means To You At Work

HIPAA is applicable to health plans and health care providers and they are responsible for complying with HIPAA. Stanislaus County has some departments that provide services which are subject to HIPAA. These departments include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavioral Health & Recovery Services (BHRS) - provides Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug services;
  • CEO-Risk Management Division (CEO-RMD) - administers County self-insured dental and vision plans;
  • Health Services Agency (HSA) - provides services at clinics such as HIV, cardiology, optometry and Urgent Care. Public Health provides services such as immunizations. Health Services Agency also has Health Plans such as the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program, California Children Services and Healthy Cubs.

Some County departments perform functions or activities on behalf of the departments covered by HIPAA. These other departments are not subject to HIPAA, but are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Privacy Rule by developing and implementing confidentiality policies and procedures. These other departments include:

  • Auditor/Controller;
  • Financial Eligibility Section of Community Services Agency;
  • Revenue Recovery Division of the Treasurer Tax Collector's Office; and
  • Information Technology Central - SBT.

County departments under the HIPAA correctional institution and law enforcement exemption:

  • Probation Department
  • Sheriff's Department


If you have questions about the use or disclosure of protected health information please contact the County HIPAA Privacy Officer at 209-525-6532.

Confidentiality Commitment

Stanislaus County remains committed to safeguarding patient privacy and follows the strictest privacy laws by which the County is governed.