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Office of Emergency Services

Dale Skiles

Fire Warden, Assistant Director of Emergency Services

Dale Skiles began his career in 1984 as a volunteer firefighter. While becoming engaged in the fire service, he also worked in the private sector for 14 years learning and experiencing the business aspects of service, finance and organizational development. In 1997 he was hired as a firefighter with the City of Modesto Fire Department. In June of 2002 he tested and was selected to become the fire chief of the Salida Protection District. Chief Skiles, while serving at Salida,  also fulfilled a short-term administrative contract in 2005 as the fire chief for Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District. Then in 2011, the Salida Fire Protection District, Modesto Fire Department, and Stanislaus County Fire Wardens Office joined together under a joint powers agreement creating the Modesto Regional Fire Authority, in which Chief Skiles was one of the originating chief officers. In 2014 the three organizations returned to their respective governance yet continue working together operationally, of which Chief Skiles serves today as the Stanislaus County Fire Warden/Assistant Director of Emergency Services and the Salida Fire Chief.   
At the regional level he served two terms as the president of the Stanislaus County Fire Chiefs’ Association. Among his accomplishments is the formation of the Stanislaus County Fire Authority (JPA) where regional, non-suppression fire services are provided to 20 independent fire agencies. Chief Skiles served as the Authority chairperson for eight years and is currently administering and managing numerous regional fire services within Stanislaus County.

Chief Skiles has led the procurement of property, the construction of a fire station, as well as purchasing fire apparatus through alternative funding opportunities. The organizations he has led have been the recipient of several equipment, staffing, and emergency management grants. Initiating strategic plans locally and regionally have been a high priority for him and have offered vision and direction to elected and appointed officials.

The role and responsibility of developing and maintaining emergency/disaster preparedness programs for Stanislaus County, the nine incorporated cities within the county, and numerous other agencies is significant. In 2013 Chief Skiles assumed a leadership role in the Office of Emergency Services and leads a team that is responsive and dedicated to the community’s safety. As an emergency manager serving under the County’s chief executive officer, he communicates, collaborates and coordinates the efforts of 26 county departments and many different disciplines.

Routinely Chief Skiles performs operational area coordination roles and responsibilities within Stanislaus County as the identified lead under the State of California’s Emergency Management Mutual Aid and Fire & Rescue Mutual Aid Systems.

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