Assessment Data

Free Options

Public kiosks

Assessment data that is considered public information is accessible in the Assessor's Office on our self-service computer stations. These are available during office hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm (except holidays). Some information is available online.

Online Information

Some assessment information is freely available online:
  • Pulic Inquiry - If you know the properties parcel number, you can get basic assessment and property characteristics information.
  • ParcelQuest Lite - Parcel quest is a commercial provider of assessment information. They offer both free and paid property information.
  • Map Books - Assessor's map books, available for download or print.

Paid Subscriptions

Annual Subscriptions

The following subscription options renew on an annual basis and cover data processed during the assessor’s fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. Any purchases made during the year are not prorated and require the full annual payment. All subscriptions expire on June 30, regardless of the purchase date. Downloadable files can be accessed with a web browser and your login. Login information is provided upon receipt of payment and the required forms (see "Form Downloads" below).

Annual Subscription Options

  • Online Agency Inquiry ($300 annually)- Using a web browser, this account allows up to five users to to search online by Parcel Number, Name, Situs (property address), and more. It contains Ownership, Property Address, Assessed Values, Exemptions, Land and Improvement Characteristics, Document Numbers, etc. Due to confidentiality laws this service is limited to individuals or companies that can demonstrate a business need for this information. You will be required to complete the Online User Agreement in addition to the Registration Form.
  • Secured Assessment Roll ($220 annually) - This service includes the original secured assessment roll data with monthly parcel and owner updates. The data is supplied in an Access 97 .mdb file. See RollObjectDefinitions.pdf file for details. This file includes the annual Secured 601 Roll data file that exports from our departments’ application. The 601 Roll includes all the same data as the .mdb file but is supplied in 2 TAB delimited files. You will be required to complete the Registration Form.
  • Unsecured Assessment Roll ($220 annually) - This service includes the original unsecured assessment roll data. The 601 Roll is supplied in 2 TAB delimited text files. The files are created at the time of Roll creation and are not updated throughout the year. You will be required to complete the Registration Form.
  • Cumulative Sales ($350) - The data is supplied in an Access 97 .mdb file. This file includes all properties that have transferred in the past two years and had documentary transfer taxes. See CumSalesObjectDefinitions.pdf file for details. The data includes parcel number, property owner, property address and documentary transfer tax amount. This service includes monthly updates. You will be required to complete the Registration Form.

Contractual Subscriptions

  • Property Characteristics Database ($12,000 to $15,500 / 3 years) - This data includes Ownership, Property Address, Mailing Address, Assessed Value, Land and Improvement Characteristics, Exemptions, and Sales information. This is available as a three-year contract with quarterly updates for $15,500 or a one-time purchase of $12,000. Please contact our office if you are interested in this subscription.