Student Travel

Every year, many students choose to spend several months or even a year studying in an abroad location. The experience can be a highly educational and exciting way to learn not only about academic subjects, but also a different language and culture.

Before students travel abroad, they should review the following suggestions to ease their transition and time spent in a foreign country:

  • Apply for your passport and visa early.
    These forms take some time to process.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself…
    With the customs and culture of the country you plan to visit.
  • Locate the nearest United States Embassy…
    In the event of a crisis situation in a foreign country.
  • Find out as much as possible…
    About the school you will be attending and what types of classes it offers.
  • Know the local laws.
    While abroad, you are subject to the laws in that country.
  • Be aware that thieves & pickpockets may target non-natives traveling in the country.
    Protect your possessions.
  • Avoid public demonstrations…
    Especially in nations where anti–American sentiments might be prevalent.