Pets & Travel


Traveling with your pets may be a difficult undertaking. A concern for their wellbeing is always a top priority. There are several different options that you have when traveling with an animal. These options are usually dictated by the size and weight of your pet.

If you have a small pet such as a car or a small dog, many airlines allow you to carry the pet on the plane in a kennel that will fit underneath the seat in front of you. The pet must be small enough to fit comfortably in this restrictive space.

If your pet is too large to fit in the cabin, some airlines allow larger kennels to be stored as luggage in the cargo area of the plane. Traveling in the cargo area of the plane can be very frightening to animals, and you should take steps to ensure the safety of your pet with the airline when you schedule your flight.

If you are shipping several animals or have concern about the safety of your pet, you may consider using a private animal shipping company. These companies work with airlines and shipping companies to transport animals. They specialize in animal transportation and may be better able to guarantee the arrival and safety of your pet.

For more specific information about traveling with pets, contact your airline.

Location and Lodging

Once you are assured that it will be possible to travel with your pet, you must take your destination in to consideration. Some foreign countries require extensive quarantine periods for animals brought into the country. Contact the local agencies to find out what may be required to bring a pet into that country.

Many hotels and resorts do not allow people to bring pets. Before making reservations at a location, be sure to confirm that your pet will be allowed to stay.