This strategic plan was created in consultation with the following committees, groups and functions:

Information Technology Managers committee;

Geographical Information System Management committee;

Microsoft Office 365 Working Group;

Chief Executive Office

  • Keith Boggs, Assistant Executive Officer;
  • Human Resources; specifically Tamara Thomas, HR Director,
  • Budget team; specifically Patrice Dietrich, Deputy Executive Officer;
  • Patrick Cavanah, Management Consultant

Auditor-Controller’s Office; specifically Lauren Klein, Auditor-Controller and Roger Lovell, Payroll Manager

I would like to thank all who played a part in this process. To all of you and all who will be involved going forward, I would remind you that everything will be OK!

Finally, this work would have been impossible without the support, diligence and supreme professionalism of the employees of the Information Technology Central department. It’s impossible to give enough credit or thanks for all that you do on behalf of your County. Yours is an impossible task which you manage to find a way to accomplish anyway.


Thank you,


Paul E. Gibson

Director, Information Technology Central

1 March 2017


(209) 525-6529

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