Learn with Lynda.com

Here at Stanislaus County, we believe in the dedicated individuals that make up our organization, and know that with the right training and coaching, there is no limit to where your career can go. To that end, we are extremely pleased to announce that Lynda.com is now available to all of our employees, Now you can learn what you want at your own pace, whenever convenient to you and your team!

Through Lynda.com, you will have unlimited on-demand access to a continuously updated library of over 6,000 business, technology, and creative courses. By incorporating Lynda.com into the County's existing suite of training avenues, you and your supervisor will be able to create more meaningful learning and development plans, helping you to build professional growth paths within the organization and stay engaged.

We encourage you to take full advantage of Lynda.com while you are at work, just be sure to follow any use guidelines as determined by your department. We also encourage you to take full advantage of the Lynda.com learning environment during your personal time to explore whatever subject you might be interested in for your personal or professional growth. How much or little you use Lynda.com on your own time is totally up to you, as long as you are not conducting work activities on personal time.

What you can do

  • Learn new software, creative and business skills at your own pace.
  • Bookmark your favorite courses, tutorials, and specific points within videos.
  • Supplement your learning with exercise files to get the most from your learning experience.
  • Track success by viewing your course history and recent activity.
  • Switch between your computer, tablet or mobile device 24/7.
  • Go Offline by saving videos while connected to the internet, for offline viewing later.


  • Learn the Basics of Lynda.com so that you can get the most out of your time.
  • Access Lynda.com's extensive library of Help Doc's.
  • Learn On-the-Go with the free Lynda app for Apple or Android.
  • If you're a Manager, learn how to view team reports and create/assign a playlist.
  • 2018 Wellness Connect Playlist is here!
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Getting started

  1. Use the blue login button on this page to go to Lynda.com.
  2. If you are connected to our network: You'll see a screen confirming you are part of Stanislaus County; click the Continue button.
    If you are not connected to our network: You'll see a pop-up window. Enter County of Stanislaus in the field under “Log in through your organization or school,” and click Go.
  3. When prompted, log in with your Stanislaus County email and password (the same password you would use to login to a computer at work).
  4. Start learning!
NOTE: If you currently supervise any employees and would like access to manage your team in Lynda.com, please notify the Learning Institute so we can set up administrative privileges for you.

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