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New Hire Forms

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Description of Form or Document Explanation
I-9 Verify Required Forms of Identification Effective 3-8-13—Expires 3-31-16
W-4 For the Current Year
Oath of Office Form 2015-82
Policy Acknowledgement Form

Employee Conduct/Behavior Expectation Policies
Revised 05/12
Workweek Designation Fair Labor Standards Act-FLSA Revised 12-04
At-Will Status Acknowledgement
Management | Confidential
Management / Confidential Only
Deputy Oath For Sworn Job Classifications - County Clerk Form 13
Appointment Above 1st Step or Bottom of Band Memo When Applicable
Personnel Action Form - PAF Report is generated from PeopleSoft
LIVESCAN Service - Fingerprint form for Sheriff's Department (Visual Sample Only) SCOE has all of the form templates
Union Deduction Form Revised 2/15
Transfer Checklist Revised 12/13
Hiring Retired StanCERA Member - Miscellanous
Hiring Retired StanCERA Member - Safety
Revised 5/15
Certification For Management Car Allowance


Risk Management

Description of Form or Document Explanation
Medical Provider Network Brochure Revised 4/13---2 page brochure
Acknowledgement Form Confirming Receipt of WC and MPN Brochures Revised 02-23-2012
DWC-Time to Hire Pamphlet 7-1-13
Select appropriate Department from drop down list on the right before clicking link

POST Offer/ Pre-Placement Screening PassportPassport - US HealthWorks (Word Document)
POST-Offer Medical Testing Program Department Instructions/Overview 2015
Family Medical Leave of Absence Policy January 2009

Medical Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Leave Employee


Medical Certification of Employee Pregnancy Related Disability


Medical Certification FMLA/CFRA Family Member

MedicalCertification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Covered Service Member for FMLA/Military Caregiver Leave 2014
Certification of Qualifying Exigency Military/FMLA 2014
Medical Certification Care of Veteran
Your Rights and Responsibilities under the FMLA 2013
Management Short Term Disability Claim Statement
What Does Healthcare Reform Mean to You? Provide to Part-time Employees, Revised 1-1-15



Description of Form or Document Explanation
Retirement Member Enrollment Form Revised 03/21/13 Attach Copy of Birth Certificate
Notice to Prospective Members FORM 415 Revised 12-13
Beneficiary Designation Form Instructions for Active Members New added 7-08
Beneficiary Designation Form Revised 7-12
Termination of Employment Revised 07-08


Exit Interview

Description of Form or Document Explanation
Exit Interview Process and Form Revised 04/06/07



Description of Form or Document Explanation
Disqualification Language Revised 07/12/2012
Qualifying Rating Sheet Revised 07/12/2012
Qualifying Nameplates Revised 07/12/2012


Other Forms

Description of Form or Document Explanation
Voluntary Time Bank Procedures Final Version distributed January 2008
Employee Donation of Time Form Revised 7/11
Donated Time Eligibility form Revised 9/07
DOT Employee Clinic Passport Revised 5/12
For Cause Testing Procedures and Facility Guidelines Revised 6/15
For Cause Employee Clinic Passport Revised 7/15
Ethics Complaint Form Revised 6/11
Retiree Exempt Form Revised 6/13


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