Landfill Fees


4000 Fink Road, P.O. Box 86, Crows Landing, California 95313

Phone: (209) 837-4800
Fax: (209) 837-4802


8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Saturday

Closed: SUNDAYS, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Noon on Christmas Eve


Open to all private citizens, businesses, school districts, and local government agencies.


All types of commercial and household waste except car bodies, septic tank waste, toxic materials, liquid waste (i.e., paints, thinners, used oil, etc.) cannery waste, closed containers, car batteries. If you have televisions or computers you must notify the attendant so appropriate paperwork can be filled out. Batteries have their own designated site, so please let attendant know (AAA, AA, C, D Cell, etc.). Appliances, mattresses and tires have a separate pricing structure and must be declared so that they can be separated for diversion.


Effective January 1, 2006, per CA law, all vehicles are required to weigh on scale. Weighing of vehicles does not impact current prices). Fee authority: Calif. Government Code Section 25823


Passenger cars, Station wagons, SUVs, Mini Vans, Pick-ups (without sideboards) and Full Size Vans $10.00/load

Sideboards means anything used to contain the load and extend the height of a pick-up bed or trailer.

Two-wheel trailers (without sideboards, within the following dimensions): $10.00/load

8' maximum length, 3' maximum height

Four-wheel trailers (without sideboards, within the following dimensions): $15.00/load

8' maximum length, 3' maximum height

Trailers are measured in entirety from the outside, end-to-end (excluding tongue), and bottom-to-top.

Tires: Motorcycle/Car/Pick-up (9 or less with or without rims) $ 2.50/each

Diesel Truck (9 or less with or w/o rims) $ 15.00/each

Tractor (with or w/o rims) - No larger than 17.5” x 24” rim size $ 25.00/each

Loader (with or w/o rims) - No larger than 23.5” x 25” rim size $ 110.00/each

Earthmover Tires - 23.5” x 25” rim size or larger $ 225.00/each

(In Bulk) Motorcycle/Car/Pick-up/Diesel Truck Only (10 or more with or w/o rims) $ 225.00/ton

Hauling 10+ tires requires a Permit issued by the California Dept. of Resources Recycling and Recovery


Dryers, Water Heaters, Furnaces/Space Heaters, Dishwashers $ 5.00/each

Washing Machines $ 9.00/each

Refrigerators/Freezers $12.00/each

Air Conditioners $15.00/each

Mattresses, Box Springs (free to residents, if recyclable, Business are charges listed rate) $10.00/each

Futons, Baby/Juvenile Mattresses. Severely damaged mattresses/box springs $10.00/each



The individual paying by check or credit card must have a valid California Driver's License or

California ID Card in their possession otherwise the check or credit card will be refused.

TO ESTABLISH AN ACCOUNT: Contact the Stanislaus County Dept. of Environmental Resources, 3800 Cornucopia Way, Suite C, Modesto, California 95358, (209) 525-6700 - Attn: Accounting

F:\data\Landfill\DisposalPriceSheet 2015


Weighed vehicles are ALL pick-ups and trailers with sideboards, trailers over the maximum length and/or height, all flatbed pick-ups, modified pick-ups with tool boxes and dual wheels, and all other vehicles not listed in other categories.

Normal Refuse: Garbage, paper, lumber, bottles, cans, small dead (household) $33.00/ton

animals, household trash, garden refuse, demolition, construction debris. (See min.

charge below)

Non-Friable Asbestos (see below): Taken only with approval letter from the $100.00/ton Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources. min.fee $20.00

Tuesday through Friday ONLY, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., must call to arrange.

Hard-to-Handle (Bulk Material): RV trailers, mobile homes, dead animals (except $100.00/ton or

horses, llamas, mules, donkeys), lg. plastic sheets, wire, bailing twine, tree $30.00 each*

stumps/logs & whole trees, treated wood waste, non-friable asbestos, large for 5 or fewer

tanks, long/large pipe (over 4 feet), lg. chunks of concrete, boats, pontoons, lg. dead animals.

sheets of foam or aluminum siding, sensitive records, spoiled/damaged finished

food products, & all other material over 4 ft.x4 ft. Tuesday-Friday ONLY, 9 a.m.

to 2 p.m. Can only accept 1 mobile home/day. Must call ahead to

schedule an appt.

Special Handling: Any material that has to have a special hole dug and buried $100.00/ton

immediately. Must call to arrange an appointment. Tuesday-Friday ONLY,

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. *Large loads of dead animals require a written

request from the Director of the Office of Emergency Services

Dead Horses (Large Dead Animals) Large dead animals = horses, llamas, $100.00/ea.*

mules, donkeys. Other dead animals = goats, feeder, pigs, sheep, cattle,

breeding sows, boars.

Solid Material (Inert): Dirt, rock, gravel, concrete, asphalt, plaster, brick, roofing $5.00/ton

tile and sheetrock. For commercial loads of dirt, a lab analysis may be required. (See min.

Loads must be clean; if mixed with any other material not listed as Inert, charge below)

it will be considered Normal Refuse.

MINIMUM CHARGE: Pick-up trucks or Two-wheel trailers $10.00/load

Four-wheel trailers $15.00/load

Pick-up truck + Two-wheel trailer** $20.00/load

Pick-up truck + Four-wheel trailer** $25.00/load

* Price is per dead animal or $100/ton whichever is greater. Must be pre-approved by landfill staff.

**If both contain any amount of any type of refuse.

Dead animals = goats, feeder pigs, sheep, cattle, breeding sows, boars & smaller. Large dead animals and horses are priced separately.