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  • Reporting Abuse & Neglect


Reporting Elder Abuse/Neglect

Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect
To report child abuse or neglect and sexual abuse or molestation (observed or suspected):

Bilingual services are available at numbers with an asterisk.

  • Community Services Agency - Child Welfare Services
    (8 A.M. - 5 P.M.)
  • County-wide: 558-3665 or 1-800-558-3665 *
  • Juvenile Services / Crimes Against Children: 209-525-7442
  • Juvenile Hall 209-525-4580
  • Juvenile Casework 209-525-5400
  • Adult Casework 209-558-6539

Professionals, who in the course of their work, come in contact with families and children (medical practitioners, non-medical practitioners, daycare providers, probation officers, social workers, etc.)

MUST report (Penal Code Section 111165) :

  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • severe or general neglect
  • willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment
  • unjustifiable mental suffering
  • any of the above in out-of-home care

to a "child protective agency" (police, sheriff, probation, child welfare).

All other citizens MAY report.

A phone report must be made immediately upon suspicion or knowledge.

A written report is required within 36 hours.

Reporting forms can be requested by calling the C.P.S. 24-hour phone line: 558-3665 or 1-800-558-3665.

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